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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a letter to my friend

a letter to my friend,
  before i write something about our friendship..i want you to know that all this come from the bottom of my heart. you such a good friend to me..yaaa..maybe a miracle friend..hahaha..i don't know but i think i like to be your friend. you such a cool friend..hahaha..yaaa..i think dulu we close right..but now..i don't know..
  maybe i start first to stay away from you..ok now i don't like it. i feel like..huh..why i do that to you..i hate when such thing like this happen in our friendship..ok now..you close to hidayah..
  yaaa..i can see..maybe you desperate with me..hahaha..maybe i not a good friend to you.but i want to be your friend...yaaa..like before..ok..i think i can see why you like to her friend..maybe because she is a caring friend..yaaa..i like that..kind, good friend...and not like me..like to bullying you..hahaha..
  ok..just this i can write about our friendship..i hope you can read this..hahaha..and my LAST WORD..YoU sUcH a CoOl FrIeNd...and I LIKE TO BE YOUR FRIND !!

* i need words to express..
   i don't need tears to shed..
   i need to ask for a sincere smile..
   all i need is..
  yaaaa...maybe FoReVeR..HAHAHA

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